Some Frequently Asked Email Questions

The invention of email services has continues to dominate this century. Nearly every application you download will need you to connect it to your email account. Emails are secured thus promoting privacy of the user. Before using the application you must prove you are the real owner. There are some problems that are encountered by email users. You should learn how the process can be used. Email information is accessible to every user on the account or from online sites which educate all users.

Information Gmail is a site operated by Google that offers users with information on FAQs and challenges which they face. It offers solutions to common faults. The support is devoted to getting all people assisted. The reasons, why you cannot access your account, could be due to a faulty password, wrong email address or verification is required. Phone verification is useful in getting the account accessible again.

You can also make some classes in your inbox. Different techniques are used for customizing the size. Themes come with different inbox style. You are guided on how you can set the new theme. You can also check on how to modify the password. The option to rest password is somehow hidden, but you can find it under account setting. You can then use a new password.

When you have two or more Gmail accounts you can use them on the same device. The site has the whole tutorial on how to add another email account to the Gmail app. You will be operating more than one email account on the same app. The initial email address remain as the primary email address and the others are also added. You will be getting all notifications form the app. When you have more emails in one app, it is recommendable you Change your Gmail settings. You can use different tones and account names so that you can easily differentiate your accounts.

Change email notifications is important. The tones for every address should be different so that you know where the email has been received. When a new tone is heard you can check what has been received on that email. You can also put silent on less important notifications like social media accounts.

The account is at times not accessible if wrong credentials are used. There are several recoveries or login options that can be used if the primary method fails. You can sign into the account with options like the last password you remember, phone or recovery email. You can as well proceed and used the secret word for a question you choose when signing up for the email account. Gmail help has ensured that all users can recover their accounts with ease. When a severe problem is encountered, you can contact support.

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