5 Benefits of Muay Thai You Should be Aware of

Though both Muay Thai and Kickboxing are essentially about kicking,there are some clear differences. Kickboxing has its origin in North America while Muay Thai was discovered in Thailand. 8 limbs are used in practicing Muay Thai while only 4 are employed in kickboxing. Kickboxing is seen by many as a sport while Muay Thai is seen as an art for self defence. The two arts are similar in that they involve a certain level of exercising.

All of us understand that exercise is important,even if we may not always enumerate all the resultant benefits. When we exercise,our body gets into good shape,our health improves and some exercises can also give us other crucial benefits such as the ability to defend ourselves when we need to. Some exercises are strictly designed to help us get our body fit and healthy while others are structured to do more than that;they build in us the confidence and the technical skills required to defend ourselves if and when attacked.

Health and fitness benefits as well as the ability for self defence can all be received from practicing Muay Thai. The punches and kicks that are characteristic of Muay Thai helps to incraese the body’s power. There are instances when your body needs power more than it does need to use strength,such as when you are tripped;your body will use its power to keep you from tripping. Muay Thai gives you both power and strength,though power is emphasiszed more than strength in this exercise. Read on to learn about more advantages to be derived from attending Muay Thai classes.
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One amazing advantage of learning Muay Thai is that you will learn about personal self defence. Muay Thai involves throwing powerful punches and kicks using 8 limbs of the body such as fists,feet,knees,elbows etc.
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Practising Muay Thai or Kickboxing can help you deal with stressful situations in your life,such as that office boss who pisses you off or the pilings bills that need your attention.

Hip mobility is attained after a considerable period of time is spent training in either of these 2 sports. Mobility of hips makes them healthier and this can save you a lot trouble in relation to your health in future
Kickboxing or Muay Thai helps the lower body trunk grow stronger,especially the legs.

Better cardiovascular performance is one amazing result of committed Muay Thai practice.

This article has not exhaustively described every advantage there is in pursuing Muay Thai or kickboxing,but the reasons given here should help you to finally decide that you want a better looking body that is also strong and agile enough to instantly respond if and when you need to use your self defence skills. You may live in Ottawa,Canada or Sacramento in California,but all you need to do is go online and see if there is a class near you.