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On the eleventh day of the fourth month past, the lord ordered all of his young attendants from the inner chamber to practice horseback riding. Similarly amongst the samurai homosexuality in itself was never a cause for shame. In addition, both parties were expected to be loyal unto death, and to assist the other both in feudal duties and in honor-driven obligations such as duels and vendettas. In its place, we are left with a group of men who have been "cleansed and sanctified" in the minds of Westerners who have been raised in a nominally monotheistic religious culture, giving us a conservative republican Samurai Warrior with Western, Judeo-Christian family values , living with a so-called "honorable" code of ethics that makes for the stuff of macho dreams found in testosterone-fueled Hollywood movies. In one of Saikaku's stories a wealthy monk's hermitage is covered by wallpaper which upon closer inspection turns out to be hundreds of gay love letters composed by kabuki boy actors and left as gifts as they departed his shelter. During this time, almost every home had a stereoscope with which to view and enjoy the images in deep 3-D. Toyonoshin perceives this as cowardice, and decides to meet the challenge alone, but first he expresses his resentment in a letter to Gonkuro, reproduced below.

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During this time, almost every home had a stereoscope with which to view and enjoy the images in deep 3-D. As we all know, there are plenty of Gay men living in many countries of the world today who, for various social reasons including the threat of death , emotionally and sexually live in the same situation loving men, but setting up house with women some resolving the emotional predicament better than others. Their homosexual lifestyle was considered beneficial for the youth, teaching him virtue, honesty and the appreciation of beauty. Not once did I fail to encounter trouble of some kind. Thirteen-year-old Toyonoshin named "Jinnosuke" in the story , one of the most beautiful boys in Izumo Province, swears a vow of love with the twenty-eight-year-old samurai Moriwaki Gonkuro.

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Lest it prove to be a barrier to my salvation in the next life, I decided to include in this final testament all of the grudges against you that have accumulated in me since we first met. The practice was held in high esteem, and was encouraged, especially within the samurai class. In view of our years of intimacy, I am deeply hurt that you should hesitate to die with me. On the eighteenth of the fifth month, you were angry with me for talking well into the night with Ogasawara Han'ya. There were no other visitors. Remember last year, the twentieth day of the eleventh month? Since the time when we first became lovers, you never once saw me to my house when we bid each other farewell in the morning.

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