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Scott, Louisiana, age 16 Absolutely! In fact, the hardest person you may ever have to tell is yourself! Heather, Massachusetts, age Your sexual orientation does not determine who you are or what you do. Tess, Virginia, age 25 Coming to terms with your own sexuality can be very difficult. These terms are explained in more detail here. GACC a youth-led grassroots movement to make the U.

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Transitioning typically involves changes in clothing and grooming, a name change, change of gender on identity documents, hormonal treatment, and surgery. It's a part of who I am. For example, a person who is attracted to multiple genders may identify as queer. Adapted from a brochure from the Campaign to End Homophobia. The process of transitioning from one gender to another is called gender reassignment.

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Gay men were more likely than bisexual men to have engaged in receptive sex, including unprotected receptive anal sex. It's a natural part of me and not hiding or changing it gives me a real sense of freedom to be myself. Bisexuals may, however, suffer discrimination or violence because of misperceptions and prejudice from people who are straight, gay, or lesbian. Some people have relationships with people of their own and of another gender, yet do not identify as bisexual. A person who does not experience sexual attraction. Most people don't give us enough credit—they think we are too young to know, or that we are going through a phase. You are not alone, and you are likely to meet bisexual people just about anywhere you go.

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