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Only you will know how to label yourself correctly. Their sexual feelings toward men are normal and natural for them. In a recent survey, teens who had come out reported feeling happier and less stressed than those who hadn't. Many gay teens worry about whether they will be accepted or rejected by their loved ones, or whether people will feel upset, angry, or disappointed in them. Other parents feel upset, disappointed, or unable to accept their teen's sexual orientation at first. They feel they have known all along, even before their teen came out to them. Just as self-denial costs you, coming out will pay off.

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Sexual Orientation


It takes a lot of energy to deny your feelings, and denial can be costly. Adolescence is a time of transition not just for teens, but for their parents too. I was slow realizing that what I felt was homosexual. Do you want to learn more? Gay teenagers may not be able to specify just why they feel different.

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If so, please consult the phone book for the Samaritans or another suicide hotline. In the beginning, be cautious about whom you tell, but be honest with yourself. Health and mental health professionals caution against any efforts to change a person's sexual orientation. It happens due to the hormonal changes of puberty. They might wonder if they did something to cause their child to be gay — but they shouldn't. Or, you may want to check out the Gay section of a large bookstore.

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