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R15, what do you have against cock shots on Twitter? I also remember Billy telling me he was "going to kick Tommy Brandt's ass if I ever meet him! I was shocked, I didn't know that hot guys would fuck you in exchange for cash before. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. I've never heard the "Christian thing" with Billy. R44, it IS Billy, but that's not from last year.

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I thought he had already lost his looks by "From Top to Bottom," by adding weight and tattoos. We would sometimes go to out-of-state porn shops, too. There were twelve other porn stars and they had not friggin problem with the name. Nice piece on him. I was a huge Billy fan.

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He was post-internet but pre-Sean Cody. You either wanted to fuck them or you didn't. Those are NOT from last year, r I think David Forest or his pornographers told him to pretend to be gay to get more fans or not upset anybody. Supposedly, he was straight and either did not take the advice of production or simply did not know how to clean his ass out.

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