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Gary felt ache, but Drew was about to intensify that ache into real pain! The boy awoke from a fitful sleep. Even unconscious, the teen was a good fuck, and soon had the men cumming again. His legs, spread as far apart as possible were sore as well. He was still naked and tied to the cement slab. Gary felt no pleasure, his nipple burnt and ached, and the man continue to tug on it, stretching it, making it swell. His breathing was shallow.

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To Drew, Gary looked even more desirable now. Drew pulled the teen tits down harder, forcing the jock body onto more and more cock! The boy coughed and tried without success to move forward to get the dildo to fall out of his ass. The boy winced as the next bead which was the size of a pool ball stretched his dry hole; causing terrible pain. Now, the boy looked around frantically but could not see any lube. The man continued to force the dildo further into the boy.

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Drew was leaving his man scent. Another howl as more nails were added. The boy could feel ball after ball fill his gut. Review s 11 Add review. As the boy was taken away in the ambulance, the kidnapper heard the siren.

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