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Why did they even bother having Billy Bell dance? What does everybody think of this years format? Why be an asshole to the pro? R, if you read the rest of my post as critically as you did the word "lifestyle," you would notice I said "chemistry," not "sexual chemistry," so the "prelude to fucking" is your own invention. I see what you're saying, [R73], but the fact that the show only allows for male-female partnerships is part of the heterosexual logic that distills into more apparent comments about masculinity. I don't know whose the bigger queen, Robert, Kent, or Bill but I know one thing. Soon they would be coming out of their closest so for now calm down on critizing the people who put this show together, they just want to keep the show with many views.

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SYTYCD: Anti-Gay… There, I Said It.

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His job was to be the brain-dead host who moved things along. Is it cause he's such a queen? I was so looking forward to see how he do other dances. There is nothing wrong with telling a male dance to dance more masculine. We need some perceived excitement. With Alex's injury taking him out of the competition, probably for the remainder of the season, who will win? We have a VERY different definition of what a homophobic comment is.

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I can't see the dance numbers well with my 48" flat screen in HD. And, R10, in your oh-so-wise opinion, what should the "under" crowd be watching? Also to say that Kent didn't mug during the disco number is a flat out lie. He didn't make it through to final selection, but Nigel thanked him and said he thoroughly enjoyed his routine. It's currently making its way around the gay festival circuit. In fact, it seemed to pain her to have to ask. The girls are weak this season and don't have a shot unless girls vote for them to ensure their "all-star" partners like Mark and Pasha stay on screen.

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