What To Consider When Deciding On Who Your Physician Will Be As A Woman.

Making a decision on who your doctor will be is a very vital. It however can be difficult especially if you just moved into a new community. A good partnership with your doctor will ensure that you get good rates in terms of medical fee and that you get the best healthcare. Women have so many issues that need to be looked into at different stages in life, this then calls for a women to have a good relationship with a doctor they can call on in times of need. When you have a good partnership with your doctor, you will be sure of receiving the best possible healthcare and the rates can be negotiated.

At the top of the list for women in matters health, are pregnancy needs and child birth. Your first and most important decision to make is the type of doctor you want. An OB’s work is to give prenatal care, help in delivery and also postnatal care. An OB also specializes in complex pregnancies like a twin or triplet pregnancy, or one where there is need for a cesarean delivery.

A family doctor does not specialize in a specific field but is able to deal with all situations of health. A family doctor does only focus on women health or men, he treats all. Others are trained to give care during pregnancy and even delivery but others just take care of you during pregnancy then leave the delivery and postnatal care to an OB or midwife.

Nurse Midwives have a degree in nursing and specifically give care to women during pregnancy and delivery. They believe in the natural way of giving birth and that nature should take its course. They try as much as possible to help women deliver naturally without any treatments like pain medications or C-section. If you want to have a delivery as natural as possible should choose nurse midwives.

During pregnancy, the whole family is usually given care and assistance by doula. An Obstetrician cannot be replaced by the doula as they do not offer any medical attention. A doula will ensure that you know what exercises to do, will also give you advice based on procedures of giving birth and make your pregnancy swift and smooth as possible. During labor at home and when you are about to go to hospital, you can also count on doula as they are always there for you at any given time.

When you have made up your mind on the kind of doctor you prefer, asking friends and family would be a very wise move to make. You may also take an advantage from the affiliate doctor you have for advice.

Time and distance factor is also important to note, how far is the doctor from where you reside? The distance between you and the doctor is an important aspect that you should consider. Can you see your doctor anytime? Having a one on one meeting with the doctor you’ve chosen is a crucial step to make. Trust is an important factor in choosing the right doctor.

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